(April 3, 2017 – Denver, Colorado) Today Drew Beckwith, Water Policy Manager at Western Resource Advocates, will testify in front of the House Agriculture, Livestock, and Natural Resources committee on HB 17-1273, a bi-partisan bill sponsored by Representatives Chris Hansen (D) and Hugh McKean (R) and Senators Don Coram (R) and Matt Jones (D).

The bill would address common sense measures to make new housing developments more water efficient. Current law requires new home developers to provide proof of having an adequate water supply to local governments before gaining approval to proceed. This bill would also require that home developers present to local decision-makers any indoor or outdoor water conservation measures incorporated into the home development at the same time.

Drew Beckwith made the following statement prior to the hearing:

“Colorado faces a water supply challenge where our rivers’ water levels and supplies are lowering as population growth increases water demand and higher temperatures increase evaporation. The State of the Rockies’ recent poll showed 71% of Colorado voters believe low water levels in rivers is a serious problem.

Colorado’s new Water Plan sets important water savings goals and prioritizes increasing urban water conservation to help create a reliable water supply and healthy rivers in the future. Growing water-smart will help meet these goals and secure water for our communities, agriculture, and fish and wildlife.

HB 1273 is a common-sense approach that closes a loophole allowing new home developers to be water wasteful “under the radar.” This legislation requires new home developers to list what actions they are taking to use water more efficiently to conserve this precious resource. If signed into law, local governments will have a more complete “water picture” to support their decision-making process.

Another important benefit — if new homes conserve water from the start, residents will pay less for their water bills over the life of their home. HB 1273 is a win for home owners, our rivers, and our water future.”

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