Jon Goldin-Dubois, President of Western Resource Advocates, released the following statement on news that the Trump Administration’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is planning on repealing the Clean Power Plan:

“Repealing the Clean Power Plan is an unwise decision that endangers public health, our environment and our economic prosperity.  The Clean Power Plan provides a framework for each state to reduce harmful greenhouse gas pollution from power plants.  It builds on actions in many states, especially here in the West, to pursue cleaner renewable energy sources and cut back on producing harmful carbon pollution.

Rescinding the Clean Power Plan does not end EPA’s legal obligation to regulate and reduce greenhouse gas pollution, as determined by the United States Supreme Court.  In poll after poll, Westerners have shown their support for increasing clean energy, including solar energy and wind power, and reducing our reliance on dirty fossil fuels. Western states and electric utilities are already moving forward to protect our air quality and health; now is not the time to back away from our responsibility to future generations to address climate change.”


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