Steve Michel, Energy Policy Director for Western Resource Advocates (WRA), released the following statement on the decision today by the New Mexico Public Regulatory Commission (Commission) to take up consideration of a Clean Energy Standard rule:

“One day after the Trump administration abandoned the EPA’s Clean Power Plan to reduce carbon pollution, New Mexico utility regulators took the first step to ensure our state does its part to address the threat of climate change. The Clean Energy Standard proposal, submitted by Attorney General Hector Balderas, Western Resource Advocates, and Prosperity WORKS (a low income consumer advocacy organization), would have New Mexico utilities reduce carbon dioxide pollution 4% per year for 20 years, with an 80% reduction by 2040. This level of reduction is consistent with what established science says is needed to avoid the most severe impacts of climate change – such as increased wildfires, floods, and drought. Consideration of the proposal is supported by the Union of Concerned Scientists.”

The Commission will begin its evaluation with a workshop scheduled for next Wednesday and Thursday, October 18 and 19. At that workshop, stakeholders will be able to gain familiarity with the proposal and provide their input.

“Western Resource Advocates looks forward to the Commission’s consideration, evaluation, and hopefully adoption of this proposal to have New Mexico utilities prepare for the future and address their contribution to climate change. The proposal is a simple and cost-effective standard that protects our environment and maintains affordable electricity rates for New Mexico customers.”

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