Water conservation is vital part of ensuring reliable water supplies across the West.

Solutions that help the West conserve water and reduce water waste are the cheapest, fastest and most reliable way to secure our water supplies and protect the health of rivers and lakes.

Increasing demands on our region’s limited water supplies are more intense than ever as the region’s population continues to grow and climate change creates a more arid and dry future. Diverting even more water from already-stressed rivers and streams and groundwater — at great cost to taxpayers and the environment — is no longer sustainable.

Water conservation measures are as reliable as new dams, diversion structures, and pipelines, and typically faster and cheaper to implement than these large structural projects. From implementing water reuse systems to growing smart from the start with water-efficient homes and businesses, there’s a lot we can all do to use water more wisely without removing water from rivers and lakes.

Through our research and advocacy, we’re helping communities and water utilities adopt smart water conservation solutions that reduce the need for large new dams and pipelines and ultimately protect our healthy, flowing rivers now and for future generations.