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Ensuring the health of rivers and lakes for future generations

19th century laws and 20th century infrastructure laws have collided with a 21st century climate and population to create a real water crisis in our region. We need a vision and specific path forward for the municipal, agricultural, and industrial sectors to protect our rivers and lakes. WRA is driving change by developing and influencing decisions made by state leaders and state agencies, early adopters, and key water users to build and implement innovative and forward-thinking programs that can be applied at a larger scale.


Our region’s rivers and lakes are protected to support ecosystems, local communities, and world-class recreation. Water is conserved and key river reaches are revitalized and managed to support healthy river ecology, sustainable water use, and resilience to climate change. The Colorado River reaches the sea.


WRA develops, advocates for, and implements policies, programs and river management that get rivers back into balance, through improving stream flow, reducing water depletions, and supporting local communities.

Healthy Rivers

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Healthy Rivers
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Healthy Rivers

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