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Spring 2024

Quick Hits: The Climate Fix and a Bright Climate Future

Learn more about our progress on The Climate Fix and WRA’s “Bright Climate Future” campaign that’s encouraging civic engagement this election year.


The Climate Fix 

Imagine a West no longer powered by coal, but by the boundless energy of the sun, the relentless force of the wind, and the steady heat beneath our feet. That’s the vision driving WRA’s Climate Fix, a seven-year initiative that began in 2018. In a region grappling with climate change, we’re initiating a ripple effect of change that’s transforming the way we generate electricity throughout the Interior West. 

By targeting the eight largest utilities in the region responsible for the majority of power sector emissions, we’re on track to slash carbon emissions by 51% below 2016 levels by 2030. That’s a staggering 105 million tons of carbon saved. But we’re not stopping there.   

Our plan is about reducing carbon – and it’s about reshaping our energy landscape for a clean energy future. We’re modernizing the grid, investing in renewables like wind, solar, and geothermal, and prioritizing energy efficiency to keep demand in check. And we’re doing it all by making clean energy the smart choice – appealing to the financial interests of utilities and their customers as we shape public policy. 

Thanks to our advocacy, Colorado, Nevada, and New Mexico have enacted groundbreaking laws to accelerate the transition to clean energy and the utilities in these states have committed to emissions reduction targets on track with the science – and now, in the Climate Fix’s final year, our sights are set on Arizona. We’re well on our way to achieving our goals and ready to raise the bar for the next phase of our work in advancing a carbon-free future for the West. 

Who Represents You?

The first step in advocacy is knowing who represents you.

WRA is here to be a resource throughout this election year, sharing tools and information that you can use to launch your journey as a climate advocate.

There are many people elected to represent you and your interests at the federal, state, and local levels. A key aspect of effective advocacy is knowing who these people are, what their role is, and how they are using their position of power. Are they working to build a brighter climate future for all our communities? Do they represent your interests and values?

Most of us know who our federal elected officials are, but, this election year, we’re encouraging people to dig deeper into who represents them at the state and local levels. These governmental offices significantly impact our daily lives and environmental and climate policy. State and local governments can often act more nimbly to address some of the key issues in our communities – like access to affordable electric vehicles and well-maintained local trails and parks – and can be more responsive to direct feedback from constituents.

Want to know who represents you and how to get in touch with them? Learn more below.

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