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Before the water is gone . . .

Will You Help Save the Colorado River?

You can be a hero for the West's hardest working river by pledging to use water wisely.

Take the Pledge

Pledge to reduce your water use and help keep precious water in the Colorado River.

The Colorado River supports nearly 40 million people and wildlife across 7 U.S. states and in Mexico. It’s also one of the most endangered rivers in the United States.

Tapped for drinking water, irrigation and other uses, the mighty Colorado River literally dries up before reaching the sea. With global warming, drought, and a population set to double by 2050, the river needs your help like never before.

I’m a Colorado River Hero. I pledge to use water wisely and help save the West’s hardest working river.

Start Conserving More Water

Special thanks to our friends at Colorado WaterWise ( for the information contained in this infographic.

Learn More

Awareness is the first step toward making a difference.

Drew in a Canoe

Where does your water comes from? How much water are you using? If you find yourself asking these questions, join Western Resource Advocates’ Water Policy Manager, Drew Beckwith as he contemplates the world of water with a paddle in hand.

Rainwater Harvesting

Where does your water comes from? How much water are you using?

Cubic Feet Per Second

Have you ever thought about how much water flows in our rivers and why it is important? What does cubic feet per second mean?

Gallons of Water Use

Do you know how much water you use to flush the toilet, take a shower, or even eat a steak?

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