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Tackling the largest source of carbon pollution in the West: the power sector

The climate crisis is taking its toll on our natural environment, economy, and the health and well-being of our communities. Who could imagine the West without the abundant wildlife, clear-flowing rivers and streams, and snow-capped peaks that make our region the best place in the world to live and work. We have precious little time to prevent the worst impacts of climate change, but we can do it, and Western Resource Advocates is leading the way by addressing the largest source of carbon pollution in the West — the power sector. Decreasing reliance on carbon-based fuels in the power sector will create an important foundation for tackling other sectors, helping make possible a future where transportation, industry, and buildings are powered by clean, carbon-free energy.


A future where our homes, buildings, and transportation systems will be powered by clean energy, and the West prospers in a zero-carbon emissions economy.


By working to retire coal, replace generation with clean energy and transportation, build clean energy markets, and modernize the grid, we are transforming the West.

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