At WRA, we’re fighting climate change and its impacts to protect the West’s air, land, water, and people.

Greenhouse gas emissions are changing our climate. Because of this, our communities are grappling with catastrophic forest fires, historic drought, unprecedented heat waves, toxic air pollution, and dwindling rivers. The climate crisis has touched every corner of the West. The impacts are enormous, but not insurmountable. At WRA, the West is our passion, and we won’t sit idly by while people, land, and wildlife suffer.

WRA develops state level action and legislation to protect the environment, economy, and people of the West. From our in-depth policy analyses to our highly effective legal and communication strategies, we’re using every available tool to create a brighter future for the West that we love.

We envision a future where Western rivers support a thriving environment for fish and recreation, our communities are powered by clean energy, and everybody has a chance to experience the unparalleled landscapes, captivating wildlife, and diverse communities of the Interior West.

As the region’s go-to technical and policy experts, we know what it takes to get there. Our team builds partnerships and engages decision makers like governor’s offices, state legislatures, state agencies, commissions, and utilities to develop and advance lasting climate solutions.

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