WRA Board of Directors

Our board is one of our chief assets, providing exemplary leadership to further the mission of our organization. Board members guide our work fighting climate change and its impacts in the West. They help govern the organization, raise support, and build our network of partners.


Carla Johnson

Carla Johnson has 25 years of experience in 3D geospatial earth modeling, environmental hydrogeology, engineering, virtual earth web and mobile development, and global green initiatives. In 1994 she founded Waterstone, Inc, an environmental consulting firm specializing in complex hydrogeologic flow and transport modeling for cleaning up contaminated groundwater systems, human health and ecological risk assessment associated with environmental damage, and environmental engineering. In 2009, Ms. Johnson formed Earthvisionz, a Web 3.0, location intelligence software company. Ms. Johnson’s vision is to be able to connect people with their passion through place. She envisions using the power of live social interaction combined with beautiful visual realism of the earth, at any scale, and relevant crowd-sourced data through one virtual earth website interface.

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