Steve Michel, Chief of Policy Development, Western Resource Advocates (WRA) released the following statement today after the New Mexico legislature concluded their 30 day legislative session:

“During the past legislative session, Western Resource Advocates and other conservation groups met extensively with PNM and representatives of San Juan County to overcome our differences and craft a bill to address issues surrounding the 2022 closure of San Juan Generating Station.

Had we been successful, Senate Bill 47 would have meant 840 MW of coal permanently shut down, $500 million in economic development to San Juan County, and over 1000 MW of new renewables built for our State. The bill would have protected and benefitted PNM’s customers and investors, allowed San Juan County to transition away from a coal-based economy, and strongly committed New Mexico to a clean energy future.

The process of developing this bill has built bridges among traditional adversaries – who have not trusted or understood each other in the past.   We made a great deal of progress and came remarkably close to resolving the many contentious issues surrounding coal plant closure. And while we came up short in this legislative session, we are hopeful that we can finish our work in the coming months.”