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Western Resource Advocates Welcomes Biden Order to Rejoin Paris Climate Agreement and Notes Need for More State Action

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Western Resource Advocates today praised President Joe Biden’s order recommitting the United States to the Paris Climate Agreement and noted that state action must complement and advance any federal efforts to address climate change. “President Biden’s decision to have the United States rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement is a crucial and welcome first step to... Read more »

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Colorado Approves $110M Transportation Electrification Plan

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This blog was co-authored by Joe Halso of Sierra Club and Miles Muller & Max Baumhefner of NRDC. Xcel Energy will deploy approximately 20,000 electric vehicle (EV) charging stations at residential, commercial, and public sites across Colorado, under a $110 million plan formally approved by the Colorado Public Utilities Commission this week. The plan is the first full-scale... Read more »

Western Resource Advocates: PacifiCorp Delay in Coal Cost Reassignment Allows More Time for Utah to Consider Whether Additional Coal Power Should Be Part of Utah’s Future

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Western Resource Advocates today welcomed a PacifiCorp filing to delay consideration of whether Utah should take on additional coal costs. That delay provides time for the state to fully evaluate the adverse consequences of adding more coal-fired capacity to its energy future. The utility filed the request today with the Utah Public Service Commission. PacifiCorp... Read more »

Regulators Must Explore Whether Retiring Hayden Coal Plant Earlier than 2027-28 Would Allow the West to Reap More Economic and Environmental Benefits

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Two Western Resource Advocates attorneys today noted that Xcel Energy, PacifiCorp, and Salt River Project could achieve greater carbon emission reductions and ratepayer benefits across Colorado, Utah, and Arizona by considering an even earlier retirement date for the Hayden Generating Station in Colorado than the 2027-28 date announced today by Xcel. “Moving away from coal... Read more »

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Western Resource Advocates: Xcel Energy’s Transportation Electrification Plan Will Help Colorado Toward Its Climate Goals

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Western Resource Advocates today noted that Xcel Energy’s Transportation Electrification Plan, now under review by the Colorado Public Utilities Commission, will foster greater electric vehicle use and help the state toward reaching its goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. “Well-designed utility programs to expand vehicle charging infrastructure will speed EV adoption, reduce harmful emissions, and... Read more »

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A Confluence of Crises: What the Interior West Can Learn from California’s Rolling Outages

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This year, California saw unprecedented rolling power outages as the state continues to deal with the extreme impacts of climate change, prompting energy planners there and across the Interior West to give extra scrutiny to electricity demand and reliability. So why and how did the outages happen? And how can we ensure the energy needs of communities in California and the Interior West are best met going forward?

Western Resource Advocates Welcomes Nomination of Deb Haaland to Lead Interior Department and Michael Regan to Head EPA

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Western Resource Advocates President Jon Goldin-Dubois today praised the groundbreaking nominations of Michael Regan to be Environmental Protection Agency Administrator and U.S. Rep. Deb Haaland, D-N.M., to serve as Secretary of the Interior Department. If confirmed, Regan would be the first Black man to head the EPA, and Haaland would be the first Indigenous woman... Read more »