We all care about water—whether it’s to drink, help grow our food, keep ourselves clean, or play in. But what happens when we don’t have enough water for all of those things?

First, we make a plan. DONE! Colorado now has a statewide water plan.  It’s a comprehensive look at the present and future water needs of cities, farms, industry, wildlife, recreation, and Colorado’s rivers and streams themselves. The Plan provides a roadmap for how we use and manage our water in the years ahead. So instead of just taking more water out of our rivers and lakes, we can bring in different tools like water conservation and reuse without burdening ourselves with unnecessary and expensive projects that harm our environment.

Speaking of projects, don’t you think the state should invest our taxpayer dollars in the best projects possible? From turf-by-back projects that conserve water to building major dams and water diversions, shouldn’t our state choose to fund only the smartest, innovative, most cost-effective and sustainable water projects?

Well of course! Because you care about wildlife that relies on the river and can’t speak for itself. Because you want to take your kids out on a fishing trip where they catch their first trout. Because you want to kayak and raft on beautiful Colorado rivers. Because you want to know your tax dollars are spent wisely on something that supports your need for water and keeps our rivers and lakes healthy.

So how do we make sure our voice is heard? Well, remember that really cool plan we mentioned? Colorado’s Water Plan?  It comes with a tool to help keep the process of approving new projects transparent, and ensure they are wise taxpayer investments.

And we gave this tool a really cool name: Colorado Water Plan Project Criteria Checklist. Okay, maybe the name’s not that cool…so let’s just call it “The Checklist.”

The Checklist answers 4 key questions:

  • Does the community support this idea?
  • Does the project fulfill real water needs?
  • Is this going to harm the environment?
  • Can we afford this thing?

This seems like one easy checklist, right? Well now is your chance to make sure the state asks these questions before funding or supporting new water projects. Let’s tell Governor Hickenlooper that we care what happens to our rivers, lakes and communities, and we want to make sure The Checklist is used every time before the state moves forward on any new water projects. We have a voice, let’s put it into action!