Today, the Nevada Senate passed Assembly Bill 84, which provides funding for open spaces, parks, museums, and historic properties. With this approval, the bill heads to Governor Steve Sisolak for a signature. The Senate voted 20-1 to pass the bill. A coalition of public lands and conservation advocacy groups released the following statements:

Rachael Hamby, Western Resource Advocate’s Western Lands Policy Analyst said:
“For more than a decade, Nevada’s Conservation Bond Program has protected the state’s natural environment and improved recreation opportunities. This broadly-supported bill will maintain much-needed funding for projects that benefit all Nevadans, including wildfire reduction and restoration, protection of clean and safe drinking water, and investment in parks and trails. We applaud the Legislature for passing this measure to preserve Nevada’s unique natural resources for generations to come, and we encourage Governor Sisolak to sign it into law.”

Andy Maggi, Executive Director of Nevada Conservation League said:
“We applaud the Senate for passing AB84 with overwhelming bipartisan support today, reauthorizing an overwhelmingly successful conservation bonds program at $217 million for the next 10 years. Continuing this bonds program is important not only for Nevada families and visitors but also for our $12.6 million outdoor recreation industry and the 87,000 jobs it supports. We thank Assemblywoman Carlton and the Governor’s office for their commitment to conservation by bringing this bill forward and we look forward to seeing Governor Sisolak sign it into law.”

Mauricia Baca, Executive Director of Get Outdoors Nevada stated:
“Get Outdoors Nevada is grateful to our legislators for appreciating the importance of investing in Nevada’s future by funding outdoor recreation, conservation, and cultural sites. These investments will make a difference for generations of Nevadans.”

Annette Magnus, Executive Director of Battle Born Progress stated:
“AB84 is a great way for the Silver State to make sure that our cultural and natural heritage are funded and maintained. We’ve seen attempts from the current administration to roll back protections, funding, and staff for public lands. With this bill, Nevada is sending the message that we will ensure that our parks, public lands and historically important places get the resources they deserve. We thank the Nevada Legislature for passing this bill that will protect our lands for current and future Nevadans.”

About AB84: AB84 is a continuation of funding to ensure that Nevada has safe drinking water sources, clean air, and resilient landscapes. AB84 also provides funding for museums and historic properties to preserve our cultural heritage and make it accessible for Nevadans and for those who travel to our great state.


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