WRA’s 2024 Legislative Priorities

As legislative sessions are in full swing across our region, WRA is working to ensure that our proposed climate solutions are passed, enacted, and have a lasting impact on our communities. Our subject matter experts are hard at work drafting and advocating for policies that will create a sustainable and thriving West. Read more to learn about our key legislative priorities in each state this year.

The 80% by 2030 Goal: Why the Decarbonization Standard Matters

Here at WRA, we’re focused on the sectors that are responsible for most of the harmful greenhouse gases spewed into the air every day, and that includes fossil-fuel powered plants. In this blog, we’ll zero in on our work with electric utilities, and why we’re pushing the major utilities in our region to reduce greenhouse gas emissions 80% by 2030.

Access for All: A look at Outdoor Equity Funds

At its core, outdoor equity embodies the belief that everyone should have access to clean water and air, parks and open spaces, particularly those historically represented and underserved by the outdoor industry. This means that every person should have the ability to experience the great regardless of income, location, race, or age.  

The Need for Smart Energy Siting in the West: Harnessing Abundant Resources while Protecting Habitats

WRA advocates for a smart energy siting approach that not only looks at the climate benefits of new clean energy projects but also accounts for the carbon impacts of land use change, ensures that conservation values are incorporated in the location and design of a project, and directly benefits host communities.

Transforming the West’s Energy Grid – An Introduction to WRA’s Regional Markets Work

The patchwork of the Western grid also affects our transition to clean energy and away from fossil fuels. The sun is usually shining and the wind blowing somewhere in the West, even if not locally. But because of the inefficiencies in the Western grid, it can be hard to move the electricity we generate from clean, renewable sources to the places it’s needed. 

Water Policies to Provide Crucial Benefits for Colorado Streams and Communities

Colorado’s 2023 legislative session offers an opportunity to protect the health of our rivers and communities. WRA is supporting two bills currently working their way through the legislative process that will make Colorado’s water future more secure.

Westerners are Aligned on Conservation Issues – What do We do Next? 

The 2023 Conservation in the West Poll shows that Westerners, across demographic and political spectrums, are hungry for climate solutions – but agreement isn’t enough, we must act. Let’s talk about next steps to act on climate in the West.

A New Look for the West: WRA’s New Brand

WRA is embarking on bigger and bolder goals than ever before to fight climate change. We believe this boldness requires a brand identity that reflects our ambitious plans, pragmatic path forward, and passionate experts. The mounting impacts of the climate crisis require fresh ideas. As the climate crisis and its impacts are evolving, so are we.

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