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Thank Nevadan legislators for leading the way to a clean transportation future!

Assembly Bill 184, the Nevada Clean Trucks and Buses Incentive Program, was just signed into law. Show your support for the program today!

Nevada Gov. Joe Lombardo signed AB184 into law!

The Nevada Clean Trucks and Buses Incentive Program will utilize federal funds through the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and Inflation Reduction Act to help Nevada’s business, schools, and public fleets access new technology that reduces operational costs while cleaning up the air and providing significant improvements in public health.

Nevada businesses will benefit from the reduced fueling and maintenance costs of zero-emission vehicles, as well as a lesser upfront cost to purchase the vehicles. And the public will benefit from a reduction in transportation-related air pollution.

Nevada is leading the way to a clean transportation future that promotes economic opportunities and healthy communities. Most importantly, this legislation directly addresses the detrimental impact of truck pollution in our lower-income neighborhoods and diverse communities which are most often located near major roadways and warehouses.

Say thanks today! 

Did you know you can make your voice even stronger by personalizing your message?

We’ve drafted a letter below for you to send to legislators in Nevada! You can simply enter your information and hit send. Or use the text box to personalize your comment, add to it, or start from scratch to tell lawmakers thank you for supporting clean trucks and buses!


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