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Protect clean water in Colorado!

Our cleanest streams and waterways deserve robust protections for generations to come. Add your name today!

We need your help to protect Colorado’s cleanest waters for future generations.

In just a few weeks, the Colorado Water Quality Control Commission will decide if 430 miles of exceptionally clean waters across 16 streams in the Upper and Lower Colorado, Eagle, Yampa, and Roaring Fork river basins deserve Outstanding Waters protections.

Outstanding Waters (OW) designations are awarded to streams, rivers, or other bodies of water with the highest water quality and exceptional recreational or ecological significance. Once designated as an OW, these streams receive robust protections, preserving their pristine waters from deteriorating in quality over the long term.

The 16 streams now being considered for OW protections provide critical habitat, exceptional recreational opportunities like swimming, fishing, and paddling, and high-quality water for people, agriculture, and wildlife. We’re asking for your help to ensure that Colorado protects the clean water in these streams for future generations.   

Raise your voice in defense of Colorado’s waters and tell the Water Quality Control Commission that our most pristine streams deserve robust protections!


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