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Lock in Our Legacy – Secure Full Funding for New Mexico’s Land of Enchantment Legacy Fund!

The New Mexico State House has voted to ensure that the Land of Enchantment Legacy Fund is funded in perpetuity by approving an investment of $300 million. Now it’s time for the Senate to do the same. 

The Land of Enchantment Legacy Fund is designed to protect New Mexico’s land and water from threats like wildfire and pollution, encourage equitable outdoor recreation, preserve historical and cultural sites, and support agricultural and rural communities. It supports critical programs in our communities that already exist but have typically been underfunded or only funded sporadically.  

Now that it’s passed through the House, it’s the Senate’s turn to vote on investing in the Land of Enchantment Legacy Fund. To adequately respond to the need from New Mexican communities, we’re asking the Senate to approve a $300 million investment. That investment will: 

  • Support existing programs serving communities  
  • Generate enough annual returns to be self-sustaining 
  • Access millions of federal matching dollars for our state

Tell your New Mexico senator – it’s time to finish what we’ve started.

Let’s make the Land of Enchantment Legacy Fund self-sustaining, so that our communities can reap the benefits of the conservation programs it supports now and for generations to come. 

Tell your New Mexico Senator—it’s time to lock in our legacy


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