Nevada voters overwhelmingly approved a ballot initiative to establish a 50% Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) during the 2018 midterm elections. Now the state legislature has followed voters’ lead and increased the state RPS to 50%!

Governor Steve Sisolak just signed Senate Bill 358 to boost Nevada’s RPS to 50%. The bill also sets a goal of producing electricity from zero-carbon emission resources, equal to 100 percent of the state utilities’ sales, by 2050.

A 50% RPS will:

  • Spur additional investments and innovation in Nevada’s clean energy sector, which employs nearly 25,000 Nevadans,
  • Reduce Nevada’s reliance on natural gas generation and provide rate stability for customers by removing the fuel price risk on half of our electricity supply,
  • Save customers money,
  • Curtail air pollution, and
  • Improve public health.

ACT NOW: Thank Nevada leaders for saying YES to a 50% Renewable Portfolio Standard!

Did you know you can make your voice even stronger by personalizing your message?

We’ve drafted a letter below for you to send to your state leaders that outlines why approving a 50% RPS for Nevada. You can simply enter your information and hit send. Or use the text box to personalize your letter, add to it, or start from scratch to thank you state lawmakers for putting NV back on the map as a leader in clean energy and carbon pollution.

Thank you to our community and coalition partners!

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