Thank New Mexico’s Governor for supporting clean car standards —

Her leadership will be key to advancing transportation electrification in the state!

Thank Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham for her leadership in helping address the climate crisis and improve air quality! >>

Across our state, fossil-fueled vehicles contribute to unhealthy air pollution and the effects of climate change that we experience every day, from prolonged drought to heatwaves and more intense wildfires.

This pollution makes up 14% of the carbon pollution that harms New Mexico’s air and climate. Communities of color and low-income neighborhoods disproportionately feel the impact of fossil-fuel vehicle pollution, as those communities are often located near high-traffic corridors, as reported by the American Lung Association.

That’s why New Mexico’s new low-emission vehicle (LEV) and zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) standards are so important. These standards will help ensure electric vehicles (EVs) are widely available and affordable for all New Mexicans!

A state LEV standard requires increasingly stringent emission standards for fossil-fueled light-duty vehicles. A ZEV standard requires auto manufacturers to sell a certain number of zero-emitting cars and trucks each year. Both are a proven way to increase access to EVs, reduce carbon emissions, and improve air quality.

While this is a crucial step to increase the number of EVs in New Mexico, the truth is the state still has more to do to expand EV infrastructure and availability. To avoid the worst impacts of the climate crisis, New Mexico must continue to electrify its transportation sector.

To keep making progress, there are two important policies the state should enact. They can adopt an updated set of Clean Cars standards (Clean Cars II), which would increase the availability of ZEVs even further. They can also enact an Advanced Clean Truck rule in the state to electrify larger vehicles like delivery vans, box trucks, buses, and 18-wheel tractor trailers. WRA looks forward to working with New Mexico’s decision makers on these next steps! 

Act now to thank Governor Lujan Grisham for her leadership so far and urge her to take the next steps to accelerate New Mexico’s transition to electric vehicles! >>

We’ve drafted a letter below for you to send to New Mexico’s governor. You can simply enter your information and hit send. Or use the text box to personalize your letter, add to it, or start from scratch to tell your lawmakers why you support advancing transportation electrification in New Mexico!


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