Tell Colorado lawmakers that the state must achieve our climate goals!

Take action to ensure the state avoids the worst impacts of climate change.

Tell your legislators to vote to get Colorado on track to meet our climate goals! >>

Nearly two years ago, Coloradans helped pass the Climate Action Plan in Colorado, establishing science-based goals to cut greenhouse gas pollution across the state’s economy in order to address the climate crisis.

But right now, the state isn’t on track to achieve those targets. Voluntary actions and aspirations will not be enough: We need quantifiable, equitable, and enforceable climate action now.

SB21-200, which will be voted on by the full senate this week, would put sector-by-sector pollution reduction targets into law, ensuring that Colorado meets our science-based climate goals while protecting our communities from the worst impacts of climate change.

We can’t afford to miss those targets. From catastrophic wildfires and poor air quality to ongoing drought, climate change is already having a serious impact on Coloradans. And the reality is that these burdens are disproportionately borne by low-income neighborhoods and communities of color.

Eleven of the 15 largest wildfires in Colorado have happened over the past decade, with the three largest occurring last year alone. Snowpack, which supplies Colorado with the majority of our water, declined by 41 percent in Colorado River Basin mountain ranges between 1982 and 2016. If we wait to act, these impacts will become even worse.

We can’t delay climate action any longer, and we will not get a second chance. Tell Colorado lawmakers to support SB21-200 today! >>

We’ve drafted a letter below for you to send to your legislators urging them to support SB21-200. You can simply enter your information and hit send. Or use the text box to personalize your letter, add to it, or start from scratch to tell him why you support cutting carbon emissions in Colorado!


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