Shaping Strong Public Policy to Ensure More Responsible Energy Development

Jon Goldin-Dubois“We have a strong history of promoting responsible oil and gas development practices that protect public health and our environment. Our attorneys, engineers, scientists and policy experts shape public policy that ensures we pass on the rich legacy of the West we enjoy today.”

– Jon Goldin-Dubois, President

Some Oil and Gas Will Be Used While We Transition to a Clean Energy Future

Western Resource Advocates champions a clean energy future through expanding solar, wind and other renewable energy supplies. However, the fact remains that some of our current energy demands are met by burning oil and gas, and that will continue to be the case during this transition. Consequently, Western Resource Advocates works to reduce or eliminate the ongoing impacts of fossil fuel development.

Oil Shale and Tar Sands Should Stay in the Ground

Responsible energy development does not include oil shale and tar sands mining, which would produce the dirtiest fuels on the planet. These fuels would contribute more carbon pollution per unit of energy than any other fuel, and pollute our air and water at unprecedented levels. Their development would strip mine critical habitats in Utah, Colorado and Wyoming. These dirty fuels are not needed to meet our current and future energy needs, and should stay in the ground. See more about oil shale and tar sands here.

Responsible Energy Development Requires Stringent Safeguards for Health & Environment

Conventional oil and gas must be subject to stringent and enforceable safeguards protecting public health and the environment. In the past fifteen years, more than 40 million acres in the West have been leased for oil and gas development. Unfortunately, many of the locations under pressure from energy development are near our homes, schools and businesses. They also hold some of the nation’s best habitat for recreation and wildlife. Areas slated for oil and gas development include renowned hunting grounds for mule deer, elk, and pronghorn, as well as watersheds supporting world-class trout fishing.

Western Resource Advocates Experts Shape Stronger Policies and Regulations

Western Resource Advocates is a policy leader shaping current and future oil and gas development in the West. We utilize a broad array of tools in developing solutions to the problems posed by domestic energy development. Our expert attorneys, engineers and policy staff work with citizens, governments, and the energy industry to address the complex challenges posed by energy development on western lands.



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Laura Belanger

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