WRA Hopeful Work Can Continue on Coal Plant Closure, Aid to San Juan County and Clean Energy Future

News Releases | by Brendan Witt

During the recent legislative session in New Mexico, Western Resource Advocates and other conservation groups met extensively with PNM and representatives of San Juan County to overcome our differences and craft a bill to address issues surrounding the 2022 closure of San Juan Generating Station that, had it passed, would have meant $500 million in economic development to San Juan County, and over 1000 MW of new renewables built for our State.

4 States, 8 Milestones: A Look Back at 2017 for our Clean Energy Program

Blog | by Joan Clayburgh

Those of us who care about clean air, expanding clean energy, and addressing climate change approached 2017 with no small amount of dread.  The Trump Administration proceeded to make good on bad promises from the campaign -- removing the United States from the Paris Climate Agreement, rescinding EPA’s Clean Power Plan, and undermining bedrock environmental... Read more »