(Denver, Colorado – April 24, 2017) Today Drew Beckwith, Water Policy Manager of Western Resource Advocates, testified in front of the Colorado Senate’s State, Veterans, and Military Affairs committee on HB 17-1273, a bi-partisan bill sponsored by Representatives Hansen (D) and McKean (R) and Senators Coram (R) and Jones (D).

HB 1273 is a common sense approach that closes a loophole allowing new home developers to be water wasteful ‘under the radar.’ Current law requires new developments to provide proof of having an adequate water supply to local governments before gaining approval to proceed. This bill would have also had home developers present to local decision-makers any indoor or outdoor water conservation measures incorporated into the development at the same time.

Drew Beckwith made the following statement after the hearing:

“After the bill’s passage in the House with wide, bi-partisan support, and no known opposition, I am disappointed the full Senate will not consider a common-sense measure to ensure new growth in Colorado is water smart. An impending water supply gap threatens the health of our rivers and the prosperity of local agriculture, and this bill would have helped reduce that gap by maximizing water conservation and efficiency. A Colorado College State of the Rockies poll released this year shows that 71% of Coloradans consider low levels of water in rivers a serious problem. Building new homes water-smart from the start is one of the cheapest, fastest, and most effective ways to address our water supply challenges in Colorado. Western Resource Advocates will continue working on the important linkages between land use and water planning to ensure there are ample water supplies for our communities, farms, and wildlife.”

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