NEW MEXICO (April 9, 2015) – Steve Michel, Chief Counsel with Western Resource Advocates, issued this statement in response to the New Mexico Hearing Examiner’s recommended decision on the San Juan Generating Station. The decision accepts Public Service of New Mexico’s (PNM) request to close two of the plant’s four coal-powered units, but rejects the utility’s request to acquire additional coal generation in one of the remaining units, which PNM had proposed in order to pick up the slack from other co-owners who will abandon San Juan after 2017.

“We are pleased that the Hearing Examiner recognized the significant costs and uncertainty surrounding PNM’s plan to acquire almost 200 megawatts of additional coal at the San Juan Generating Station, either through the utility or parent company. PNM’s resistance to the recommended decision, and continued allegiance to an aging, costly and polluting coal plant, is disappointing. We hope PNM will eventually accept the reality which was confirmed by the Hearing Examiner, and move forward toward a cleaner energy future.”


Steve Michel, Chief Counsel
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John Nielsen, Clean Power Program Director
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