The Interior West is known for its arid landscapes, tall mountains, and famous rivers and lakes, such as the Colorado River. The region is also renowned for significant droughts, which are predicted to become even more frequent with climate change. The region is now one of the fastest growing in the nation, and water supplies for urban and agricultural resources are stretched precariously thin. To ensure a future where our communities flourish, economy thrives, and recreational opportunities abound, Western Resource Advocates works to protect our rivers and lakes. Our program promotes policies and efforts that prioritize water conservation, water recycling and urban-agricultural cooperation. We work to move away from building new dams and diversions that drain the life from our rivers, and instead to usher in a new era of water management focused on innovation, efficiency and sharing resources. Western Resource Advocates’ Healthy Rivers Program is:

  • Protecting major Western rivers and lakes, such as the Great Salt Lake and Colorado River, so that they are resilient in the face of a changing climate.
  • Preventing new, large water diversion projects that would decrease river flows or lake levels, harming fish and wildlife, recreation and local economies.
  • Establishing water efficiency as a top priority in the West by working towards a 10% reduction in per person water use by 2020.
  • Promoting agricultural water conservation opportunities that advance river protection and provide more flexibility in managing water.