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Green Power

A key component of a sustainable energy future for the West is expanding the number of homes and businesses that are buying renewable energy. In 1997, WRA created a grassroots, community-based education and outreach campaign to raise awareness among citizens and businesses of the environmental impacts of electricity use and the availability and benefits of wind power. Our Green Power program was very successful because of the hardwork and determination of people like Rudd Mayer who inspired people to buy renewable energy by knocking on one door at a time.

Why Renewable Energy Development is Important for the Region

The Western United States is home to five of the ten fastest growing states in the country. This growth will greatly increase demand for electricity across the region over the next decade. Renewable resources can play an important role in helping to meet this demand. They provide clean, low-risk power that, over the long term, can lower the region's electricity costs.

Developing the region's vast renewable resources can provide:

Environmental Benefits

To see the volume of emissions your household's responsible for consult this Household Emissions Calculator and explore the various actions you can take to reduce your emissions.

Economic Benefits

Security Benefits