President won’t act, but Colorado must

| by Jon Goldin-Dubois, President

If the president of the United States fails to lead, the American people and leaders in our state must fill the void. Our economy, our quality of life, and our communities need effective action now.

Spring Survey!

| by Patti Kinnear, Director of Development

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National Monuments Are a Boon to Western Communities

| by Chris Scolari, Western Lands Program Director

Westerners care deeply for their national parks and monuments. These public lands help citizens of the West find solace and inspiration in what has otherwise become an increasingly hectic world. Indeed many Westerners choose to live here primarily because of access afforded to cherished and conserved landscapes. Gazing up at big skies, taking that much… Read more »

Drew Beckwith of WRA Receives Emerging Leader Award from the Colorado Foundation for Water Education

| by Joan Clayburgh, Communications Director

This month our own Drew Beckwith was honored with the Colorado Foundation for Water Education’s Emerging Leader Award. This prestigious award is given to up-and-coming leaders working to educate Coloradans on our state’s most finite and precious resource: water. But, for those of us who know Drew, his leadership has long been on display on… Read more »