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I woke up the day after the election feeling uneasy, disoriented and uncertain about what the results of this election might mean for my family, my friends, our staff here at Western Resource Advocates, the most vulnerable people in my community—all of the people I care about.

Like me, you may also be feeling trepidation about what the election outcome means for a carbon-free economy, healthy rivers in our communities, a Colorado River that runs to the sea, and the protection of our Western lands. I would be less than honest if I told you that I’m not worried about the president-elect’s stated positions on climate change and environmental protections.

But I choose not to despair.

I suppose that is because I am an organizer.  I know that no meaningful measure of social progress has ever come without struggle and without hard work. This includes our quest to protect the environment. We have made tremendous progress in the last two decades, and the election results have only deepened the importance and urgency of this mission.

While the election will be a setback for federal action, it won’t stop our path to clean energy, healthy rivers, and more protection for the places we love. Real progress can still be made at the state and local level, as we’ve seen throughout our Western region, where the population overwhelmingly supports clean energy and a healthy environment. Our states have embraced clean energy again and again because it reduces pollution, saves money, builds a stronger and more diverse economy and adds to the tax base.

I want to let you know that Western Resource Advocates isn’t giving up. We are here, more determined than ever, to find the solutions that accomplish our vision of what the world can be like. Let us redouble our efforts together to protect what we love, those we love, and the people, wildlife and places that need our help.


Jon Goldin-Dubois
WRA President

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